Have you ever wondered how this world we live in is made up?

What is it about time that binds the past, present, and future?
Based on the arguments of our great predecessors, we believe
that this world is an intersection of many different dimensions.
To solve this mystery, we decided to combine a virtual world
without physical limitations and reality with physical limitations
to find a singular point.


It forms a CLOSED community of people interested in the
truths of this world, with NFT holders as members.

With like-minded peers, we discuss physics,
history, technology, and all other mysteries.
From there, we aim to make new theories
to share through unique and curious projects.


The Importance of Talking About Infinite Possibilities

We aim to enable you to communicate freely and peacefully,
as Web3 does, even with curious and inquisitive subjects
that are normally difficult to discuss.
Imagine how sad it would be to forget about your novel and outlandish
creations and theories without discussing them with anyone.



EMVERSE is a story that crosses the virtual and real worlds.
The project that merges the virtual and real worlds is already underway.

Fusion of EMVERSE NFT with "GoodsCollection", "Animation", "Metaverse" and "AI".

Users [Emverse Crew] can experience the extraordinary, the near future, how the world works, and dimensional travel through this project.

First, we will form a community with you through the 8,888 NFT collection.

EMVERSE NFT holders will be part of the EMVERSE crew, meaning that they will be involved in a project that aims for a multiverse journey.

In the future, you will have priority access to additional collections, contests, fashions, and onboard EMVERSE.

If you haven't registered, check out the collections now to find your EMVERSE crew member.


Creation of a virtual space EMVERSE that simulates the past present and future close to the real world.
As part of the simulation, there is a concept of a digital twin space.
It is defined as a place where various data obtained through simulation can be used to predict the past, present, and future.

It is also conceived as a place where residents can participate in stories and other activities in pursuit of entertainment.
The story of EMVERSE is about the intersection of reality and virtuality, a worldview that allows people to enter the past, the future, and multiple dimensions.
We believe that by recreating a space that is closer to the real world, we can explore the mysteries of the world.
The story is a journey to avert the destruction of the world, to go to various dimensions, to obtain access keys, and to save the world.

EMVERSE Creation is a co-creation project that aims to expand the community of creators, engineers, and experts around the world in order to explore more realistic simulations.
We envision a system in which appropriate value can be obtained for participants by utilizing that simulated information and other information.

STORY episode.0


It is a story where dimensions intersect with dimensions

Which dimension is yours?

There is no conflict, no wealth gap, a free and peaceful utopia, and a perfect world guided by AI.

One day, mysterious disappearances occur in many places, buildings and towns collapse, and everyday life is enveloped in darkness day by day.

Searching for their friend who disappeared in the darkness, the three notice something unusual about the view from the starship.

Caught in the darkness, the three have arrived at a slum area lined with countless buildings.

It was a dimly lit, neon glimmering place, a disordered dystopia inhabited by people riddled with violence, crime, and strife.

Phase 1

Project Launch & Art Release
The official Twitter and website of EMVERSE PROJECT and art information will be released.
Take a look, if you are interested in the worldview and plans of EMVERSE.
We will expand the world together with our fans "EMVERSE Crew".

Phase 2

EMVERSE EP0 Project Release
EP0 is the first NFT collection from which the EMVERSE story will be derived.
We will be releasing hand-crafted 8,888 NFT pieces made with ERC721A.
Get your NFT and become part of the EMVERSE crew.

Phase 3

Strengthening the Community & Collaboration
As a project, we will create opportunities to communicate with a variety of fans, creators, and engineers from around the world.
We look forward to meeting the new EMVERSE crew to make our plans more exciting.

Phase 4

Fusion of Virtual and Real
The EMVERSE PROJECT will be fused with the real world.
A variety of original goods will be developed, including special offers exclusive to the EMVERSE crew.

Phase 5

EMVERSE "New EP" Project Release
The new story of EMVERSE will be ready.
In which world do they exist? Are the new character's enemies or allies?
Along with the "world of EMVERSE" that will be revealed one after another, the NFT collection linked to EP1 will also be available.
This is a project that the EMVERSE crew is sure to get hooked on.

EMVERSE PROJECT will be integrated with the real world.
We will continue to create attractive content for the EMVERSE crew, so please look forward to it!

The EMVERSE project was born in Tokyo, Japan, and many of our team members grew up with exposure to Japanese ANIME and GAMES.
Many of the contemporary animations in the world are not just entertainment but also depict deep philosophical themes.
We respect all of them and set out to create an exciting experience that cannot be experienced in reality, with unlimited possibilities on Web3.
EMVERSE's worldview is full of curiosity, and we know the beauty and importance of being creative and ensuring that our ideas are well thought out.
We would like to express our unique story of what can happen and what can be clarified by the fusion of the virtual and the real, which is also our theme, through comics and animations.
This is not only for entertainment purposes but also to evolve our intellectual curiosity by foreseeing the past and future.
We need knowledge, illustration, music, design, and many other elements to do this.
That is why we seek to co-create with curious creators from all over the world.

And we believe that by discussing intellectual curiosity with other fans and drawing character fan art, we can enjoy deeper communication.

  • Twin B
    Founder & Creative Director

    Who is "TwinB"?
    He is the founder of the EMVERSE project.
    His career began in the web industry, and he has background working as a game director and illustration director.
    He also gained diverse experience in creative fields such as web design.
    Later, he joined the virtual currency industry and was involved in the mining farm and apparel brand business, bringing with him a variety of industry knowledge and a wealth of know-how and experience in the web field.
    In particular, He feels the future of Web3 and is very interested in fields such as blockchain, NFT, and Metaverse.
    His strong intellectual curiosity and futuristic thinking, as well as his background, experience, hobbies, and thoughts, are what led him to start the NFT project.
    These factors will play an important role in the NFT project.
    As the founder of the NFT project, he aims to use his experience and creative perspective to develop innovative and creative projects.

  • Dirk Suzuki
    Co-FOUNDER & Developer

    Who is "darksuzuki"?
    From an early age, he got an interest in table games and simulation games and developed problem-solving skills.
    In college, he majored in physics and geology, and is passionate about development based on a scientific approach.
    He has extensive experience as a web engineer, and has been involved in both front-end and back-end development from web application development of various scales.
    He is also interested in UI/UX design and is familiar with a series of flows from design to implementation, including the realization of intuitive interfaces.
    He is eager to learn new technologies and actively engages in self-learning, which is how he came across NFT.
    He constantly collects information on the latest web technologies and frameworks and applies them to actual projects.
    In the NFT project, as a member of the development team, he is also putting his efforts to make the project better.
    His hobby is watching sports. On weekends, he sometimes goes to the stadium to watch the games.

  • Dr.YamatoSamurai
    Project Manager

    Who is "Dr_8matoSamurai"?
    He has spent his childhood in contact with various hobbies ranging from Japanese manga, anime & video games to foreign anime & video games.
    As a student, he was interested in various fields and studied all kinds of subjects such as "Science", Mechanical Engineering", "Business Administration", etc. His interest in WEB3 is based on Blockchain and FinTech when it became famous in Japan about 10 years ago.
    He was stuying blockchain field as a economy study frist time.
    Currently, while working as an IT consultant for a global IT company, he is involved in the NFT project [EMVERSE], expanding his knowledge of AI and the metaverse, which he is interested in,
    With this project, he aims to build the world of the near future.